Monday, April 16, 2018

Who Am I?

Who am I?
What makes up my being
There are these people
Who have these amazing personalities
And you know
Just from talking to them
So much about them
And they have these crazy awesome things
About them
Things that they do
I did a post
Maybe two years ago
Or maybe last year
I'm not honestly sure
I can't find it
But I talked about
How I struggled
With not really having anything that made
Me me
I can say
I am succesfully
Over that
I have relized
I'm a freaking amazing human being
But I think
When people think of me
Like school friends
I'm just me
There is no like
Yeah Nabila
The one who...
And that's not a bad thing
I suposse
It just interested me
I was actually on the radio recently
Which was so cool
I got to read a journalism piece I wrote
For school
And before hand
The host talked to each one of us who would be doing it
And asked us things about ourselves
And what we did
And liked
So that he would know what questions to ask
Everyone of course said writing
And then other things
And I said writing
And my blog
But I almost acted embarrassed by it?
And I've also noticed that about myself
I usually can talk about my blog to people
But sometimes I just can't
And they ask what it's about
And I'm just like
And I should have said phoptograpghy
But me being amazing
So I think
Maybe my thing is I'm just not very obvious about my hobbies or things I like
And I think that is because sometimes
I'm just embaressed
We were in the car recently
And my mom was asking what music she should play
She asked me
And I was like
I don't know
And I like music
I think it's just because I'm scared there not going to like my music
And judge me for it?
I guess

What have y'all been up to lately? Can you relate? What kind of posts do you want to see on the future on the blog?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Life Update Including Moving, House Getting Torn Down, Being On The Radio + Other Things

I haven't done a personal post just talking about life in soooooooooooooo longgggggggg. Because  some stuff has been happening to me lately I thought it would be good to do a little update post! I've been meaning to do this for the longest time but I just haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully you'll be able to understand what I'm saying haha. I'm basically going from this post on kind of. I don't know. This is already going just soooo well.
-The first few months after we flooded were just freaking weird. Pretty much everything changed and schedules were weird and we did things we would never have done before like actually get food from fast food places and stay really long at my friends houses, where I went after school, even on school nights. The parents were always working on stuff and it was just a lot.

-We stayed at the house we moved to after harvey for maybe 4 months. That was a really interesting 4 months. Untilllll another house opened up and my parents decided we would move there because it was a lot closer to school and it was bigger and just overall good things. At first I was honestly really opposed to moving because we had just gotten settled and I think I just really didn't want anymore change?? Like you know??

-I know now that it was a really good decision and I'm a lot happier! So right before Christmas, we moved! The house we're staying in now is so much better and bigger and just nicer than the tiny one we where staying in. It is actually walking distance from my school (I mean it's 20 minutes so not the 5 minutes of my old flooded one but it's still really good). I feel better inviting friends over and it's just so much better.

-For Christmas we went to my grandparents house in South Carolina! It was really nice and I had a nice time hanging out with them. Also during that time though our old (flooded) house got torn down. I got to say goodbye to it before we left but it was still really emotional. It was falling to the ground and we were in another state and just the thought that it was this empty lot was kind of a lot because I had so many memories in it you know?

-Ok I promise this is the last sad flood thing haha but recently I had to say goodbye my old elementary school. It flooded as well and for a while they thought they were just going to remodel it but they got some grant so they decided to tear it down and build a new building. That's overall good as it will be good for the neighborhood and the school and but it's still sad you know?

They had a little goodbye party and everyone put there hand prints, name, and graduating year on the wall. I would have put my last name as well but there was no need haha.

-I did UIL theatre this year in school which has been super cool! It's basically a theatre competition and we did steel magnolias which was super fun. I was only an understudy and we didn't actually advance haha but still cool.

-Speaking of school I've been having a great year school wise! All of my classes have been super cool. I've gotten to be MC's for two shows which was like the best thing. Annnndddd I'm in yearbook at my school and we officially finished it and made the deadline! So congrats to us haha.

-A couple of weeks ago I also got to go on the radio with school! It was me and a couple of my friends and we read a couple journalism pieces we wrote. It was such a cool experience! Thanks for everyone who listened and told me I did well!! :)

Featuring a terrible selfie with my friend who did it as well haha. :)

-I've also been to a couple marches this year! We went to the Women's March in January, another Women's March recently, and of course the March For Our Lives! I filmed a vlog for the March For Our Lives and last weeks post was also on that if you missed it. :) :)

-I hit 40 subscribers on youtube! Yes yes I know this isn't that much but it made me happy ok don't judge. If you're not subscribed to me by the way you really should. :0

-I got to see Grace Vanderwall in concert and oh my gosh ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! She was so good and it was one of my first concerts and it was for my birthday and it was just freaking good.

-I actually started working with some brands on insta recently which has made me happy. :) If you want a full post with discount codes comment down below!

-Today there was a gun threat someone posted on Instagram and like half the kids didn't go to school, like everyone was scared, and just ahhhhhhhh. < How I feel at the moment

There is probably other stuff I could talk about and wanted to talk about but I can't remember anything else right now so that's that. If you want to keep up with my daily life, make sure to follow me on Instagram! 

What have y'all been up to lately? What kind of posts do you want to see from me in the future?

Monday, April 2, 2018

March For Our Lives

Hello! As you guys should know the March For Our Lives was recently and of course I went! I'm going to be doing more personal/lifestyle posts in the future (or at least I'm going to try) and I thought this would be a perfect start! Here are some of my favorite signs and what I did!

Annnndddd I did a vlog as well which I would absolutely love if you could check out!!

"When your leaders act like children and your children act like leaders you know change is coming." TRUTH

Ok so after the march there was a little rally thing with speakers and stuff. These two guys started singing and at first I didn't recognize what they were singing and THEN I REALIZED THEY WERE SINGING FOUND/TONIGHT AKA ONE OF THE BEST THINGS AND I KIND OF FREAKED OUT. I wish I had gotten that on video because I think I actually screamed. It was so so good!

I mean when laws that could have been passed that would have saved lives were stopped because of you that does kind of mean there is blood on your hands. Just saying. 

There was a lot of people there and it was so cool to see everyone!

 Students: What's more important to you, children's lives or an assault weapon? 
NRA: ummmmmm

This is definitely one of the best signs because I feel like it's so true which is terrible. 

There were these people dressed as people from the handmaids tale which I have course not watched but I looked it up and I thought it was cool people dressed up like people from it.  

These super cute high school girls who were there representing there school!

Ok look itsssssss meeeeeee. 

It's lydddddddddiiiiiaaaaaa. I found this guy so comical. If you can't see he has the NRA on the bad list and march for our lives on the good list. Plus he dressed up like santa and it wasn't necessarily warm but it definitely wasn't cold in the slightest so he must have have been burning.

My little sis is the cutest thing y'allllll

Me, my little sis, and my friend Lydia who some of y'all might remember from other posts. 

"People say that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun but that just seems like someone trying to sell more guns. " I found it online and thought it was pretty coolio. 

 If this is not the cutest and best sign I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.
Hellllooooooo. Again I did a vlog for the march which you can find here! I would absolutely love it if you guys could subscribe to my channel! 

Did you go to the march? Have you ever been to a march? Do you like posts like this? What kind of posts do you want to see?

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