Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Spring Park Photo-Shoot During the Fall // Gold Chain Necklace, Bright Floral Dress, Black Slippers

A couple days ago me and my friend had a super fun photo-shoot at the park. If you haven't guessed already I took pictures of her. Personally I think my friend is very beautiful and the pictures turned out really well. Here they are!

She is a ballerina. 

Starring at the sky. 

Being a rebel and sitting on top of the table. 

No she is standing in the middle of the rode!! Haha. 

Isn't her necklace cute? I love it. 

She really just had to pet the dog. 

Maybe she fell. 

You are never to old to go down a slide. 

Go posing!

I literally just screamed stop at her and she stopped in the pose. 

The lighting in this one. Like wow. 

I love this so much!

Hello miss innocent. 

I think she is excited or something. 

Hanging from the tree. 


Ok I couldn't go a whole photo-shoot without taking a picture of me. That is my hand by the way. 

#Girl Power


And that is the last of the photos! If you want to see my friend more then say so in the comments. You can find the guest post she did here. 

Did you like the photos? Which one was your favroite? Do you have any tips for me on how I can take better photos?


  1. Cute pictures. Lydia is beautiful. Love you,

  2. Aw Lydia is gorgeous and I love her dress! Xx

  3. Lovely photos xx

  4. beautiful photos!

  5. Great pictures! Your friend is really good at modeling. Whenever I try to take pictures of my friends, they either make weird poses or grumpy faces. :P

    /Let's Be Lost\

    1. Thanks Loren! Yeah I always thought that she was amazing at modeling. I secretly think she should be some kind of model. Haha. Oh my gosh same with my sisters! They will seriously hide there faces when I try to take photos of them.

    2. If it's a secret then you shouldn't post it for me to read

    3. Well I didn't mean like an actual secret. :) I will keep that in mind in the future.

  6. Cute pictures! I can tell you have a good handle on posing- she is doing well modeling and her poses are very fashion-esque! I love it!

    1. Thanks Morg! I would say I am getting better at taking these kinds of photos and it is like my friends natural talent or something. Thanks for commenting.


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